Rebecca | 23 | USA

Slytherin. Whovian. Waterbender. Lannister Lion. Downtonian. Trekkie. Tater Tot.


TV Shows/Films:

Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, LOTR, The Hobbit, Star Trek TOS, The Office, Downton Abbey, Sherlock, ATLA, Orphan Black, Pokemon, Miranda, OINTB, Firefly.



Pokemon: Indigo League (s2), The Regular Show (s3), Legend of Korra (s3)

Waiting for:

Lady Stoneheart


They Be My Brethren:

Jimmy | Cathy | Damla | Caroline | Kseniia | Megan | Stephanie | Tiff

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More questions and answers! 

01. Favourite fruit?

Pomegranates. Also strawberries and blueberries.

02. Favourite color?

Green. Lime green especially.

03. OTP? 

Ten/Donna or more specifically David/Catherine. Yeah definitely my number 1.

04. Your favourite thing in the world? 

Goodness that’s vague. O_O Umm music I would probably say.

05. Do you speak baby? 

Bahahaha nope. But I do speak cat. ;)

06. How often are you crying since you are on tumblr?

Depends on if I see something that reminds me of an OTP or after a watch a show. Mainly after I watch a show, I come on here and express my feels and I have been known to cry.

07. 3 weird things about you? 

  1. I pour my milk, then my cereal.
  2. I hate celery.
  3. I don’t like rabbits or bunnies. They freak me out.

08. How many languages do you speak?

Speaking-wise, just one: English. But I do know a few other languages because of the music I listen to like Spanish, Japanese, Russian, and Celtic. I can sing certain songs in those languages and know the words in English but I can’t fluently speak them.

09. Your favourite TV show?

 Doctor Who.

10. Have you ever stalked someone? 

Only in MY MIND. O.o

11. Your favourite fanfic?

To Err is Human by Lilac Summers (Doctor/Donna one)

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